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I am Dive is coming back with new music in 2023. «Fear Of Missing Out» is the new album and is now ready for master.


I am Dive vuelve a Madrid el 12 de diciembre, ¡nos vemos en la Sala Siroco! Entradas anticipadas en Wegow.



‘The Fog’ will be the first advance from ‘Kriegszeit’ and will be available everywhere in May 23, 2019. A week after the single is out, we will start the tour in Madrid, these are just the first dates confirmed and a bunch more will be added soon.


I am Dive to publish new music and soon to announce forthcoming tour in Spain.
Their latest release, Mauve (October, 2018) was the first of a series of records that I am Dive will be releasing every few months, a way to explore and cultivate their creative flow away from the restrictions of the physical format that will continue in May, 2019 with Kriegszeit.


«Silent Running» (Douglas Trumbull, 1972) is a movie that takes place in a not-so-distant future, at a time when all plant and wild life on Earth have been decimated. Some have been preserved and are currently in space, in a fleet of orbiting greenhouses. Freeman Lowell (Bruce Dern) is the main character, one of four space forest rangers aboard the Valley Forge, one of the 2,000 metre-long green house freighters. He is passionately dedicated to preserving the orbiting forests and their natural inhabitants, and eventual returning them to Earth for reforestation of his now-barren planet… more so than his crewmates, whose main priority seems to be returning to Earth after their one-year deployment to space.

The conflict comes when Lowell and his crew are ordered to destroy the orbiting greenhouses and redeploy the freighters to commercial service. Lowell decides to disobey orders and save the forests he has worked so hard to preserve.

«Music For Silent Running» is the result of a live soundtrack project I am Dive embarked in 2015, when Jaume I University and Born! Music (Castellón, Spain) invited them to play at Cinemascore Festival, an event where some selected bands are invited to play imaginary soundtracks to some selected movies. «Music For Silent Running» is the original imaginary score they came up with.

Album credits:

01. Opening Title.
02. Colliding Patterns.
03. Rebirth.
04. Entering Darkness.
05. Brother Louie Is Dead.
06. Sunrise.
07. Sunset.
08. Forever.


I am Dive are José A. Pérez and Esteban Ruiz.

All songs written, produced, recorded and mixed by I am Dive at Seventh.
Mastered by Cristóbal Romero at Cherry Sounds Studios.

2016 © WeAreWolves Records. | 2016 ℗ WeAreWolves Records.



I am Dive will play at Debaser Strand, in Stockholm, Sweden their last show of the year, before heading back to the recordings of their two upcoming records. The event, scheduled for December 2nd,  is called Independent Music Hub, promoted by UFI and will count with the Swedish band Vita Bergen and the Catalonian Núria Graham to complete de line up. More information HERE.


I am Dive to play in festivals across three continents within the next few months. The dates are:
April 28th at SOTX (Beijing, China).
April 30th at Strawberry Festival (Shanghai, China).
May 2nd at Strawberry Festival (Beijing, China).
May, 5th at Canadian Music Week (Toronto, Canada).
May, 57th at Canadian Music Week (Toronto, Canada).
June 24th at Vallsonora (Àger, Spain).
July 31st at La Noche Blanca (Aracena, Spain).
August, 31st at Live At Heart (Örebro, Sweden).